Wash! 01/2024

Profoundly portrayed
Wash! 01/2024 · 18. January 2024
The management of customer data is very important in every company. Supplier relationship management, on the other hand, is less developed. It's different for us. Years ago we started setting up a CSR supplier management system. This documents the degree of implementation of sustainability in our value chain. During the last inquiries with our suppliers, we turned the tables and asked them how integrity Dibella is as a customer.
Fundraising project for the further education of primary school students
Wash! 01/2024 · 18. January 2024
Well-equipped kindergartens and schools are a given in our social systems. Not so in India. This is often what is most needed to make learning and playing more enjoyable for children. With money from our GHG bonus and the GoodTextiles Foundation, the PUPS Naranikuppam primary school in Veppanahalli has now received an appropriate facility.

Team work for team wear
Wash! 01/2024 · 18. January 2024
Dibella and Reisinger Premium Workwear entered into a unique cooperation in spring 2021 and founded the company “Green Workwear”. This develops and sells work clothing that meets the highest sustainability standards. After the introduction of tunics and trousers for the nursing sector, the range now includes a chef's jacket and bib aprons and, most recently, polos.
On a sea voyage with sustainable textiles!
Wash! 01/2024 · 18. January 2024
At the CSI in London we are presenting a new bed linen for the first time that takes the concept of the textile circular economy to a new level. The leasing-suitable sets in our “Versailles” range consist of one half of recycled polyester and the other half of leftover cotton fabric, which was mixed with cellulose and spun into lyocell fibers (Refibra™).

Environmentally friendly, social and autonomous: Nedlin’s new laundry
Wash! 01/2024 · 18. January 2024
Nedlin has once again significantly expanded its laundry capacity. A new company for the processing of hospital textiles was built at the company headquarters in Elsloo. This is not only one of the most advanced in Europe, but also particularly environmentally friendly. Through a high level of automation and numerous climate protection measures, the owners are responding to the most pressing future problems: global warming and a shortage of skilled workers.
Robotics and automation in flatwork laundries - laundry quality criteria
Wash! 01/2024 · 18. January 2024
The laundry industry will see further automation. Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to produce new solutions that can run 24/7 and at the same time alleviate the labour shortage. At the same time, the automated systems place the highest quality demands on the textiles.

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