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... about bed linen and towelling

Here you will find a constantly growing collection of useful information about "Textiles-Knowledge. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will find an answer for you!

Laundry guide

Recommendations for your laundry

Dibella textiles are designed and optimised for processing in industrial laundries. To ensure that the maximum textile life and productivity is achieved in the reprocessing process, some recommendations should be followed.

Confection types

Confection types - what is possible?

Whether it's a classic hotel closure, a simple bag closure or even finishing with decorative stitching. A number of individualisations are possible when making up bed linen. Here you will find an overview of the most common variations ...

About Terry towelling

What you should know about terry

We have already introduced the moisture-absorbing properties of cotton. Pure cotton can absorb around 20% moisture without feeling damp at all. This makes cotton the ideal raw material for fluffy terry towelling.

Factsheet Yarn gauge

Yarn gauge - ring spinning

The quality of a fabric begins with the selection of a high-quality raw fibre. In the ring spinning mill, the raw fibre is turned into yarn in a complex process.

Label knowledge for bedding and terry

Overview of common textile seals

We bring light into the seal jungle: Here we present the seals and certificates used at Dibella.

Weave gauge for bedding and terry

Weave gauge

Plain weave, body weave and atlas weave are the three basic weaves that belong to the systematically constructed weaves with recurring weave repeat and which we would like to describe here.

Factsheet Yarn gauge

Fibre gauge

The properties of a textile are largely determined by the fibre materials it contains. Only three raw materials are used for our durable, skin-friendly textiles: Cotton, Tencel and polyester.

Dibella and Dibella products are certified ... (For the product-specific assignment, please refer to the product descriptions.)

GOTS - Global organic textile standard
Organic blended content standard
Fairtrad Max Havelaar Cotton
Cotton made in Africa

An initiative of the Aid by Trade Foundation

Green Button
OEKO-Tex Standard 100
OEKO-TEX Confidence in textiles - made in green
Tencel - feels so right

We supply products
with the EU-Ecolabel

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
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