The Dibella Clean&Lean Concept

In our Clean&Lean concept, we take up the three essential aspects of our business.

We are suppliers of (bed) LINEN and terry towels, bath mats and bathrobes for the hotel and healthcare industry. Our product range is complemented by comprehensive SERVICE offers as well as SOLUTIONS for our customers, which go far beyond our core business.

Hotel textiles - Linen and bedding for Hotels and Health Care

You need professional linen for very special requirements? You would like to have samples of our hotel textiles and healthcare textiles in your hands to convince yourself of the quality of our products? Here you will find our extensive product range.

Our Service for you - CSR consultancy, technical support and textile knowledge

We take the topic of service very seriously at Dibella. Benefit from our many years of CSR experience and let us advise you. Take advantage of our technical support and our textile knowledge for all questions regarding materials or fabrics.

Solutions for you - Marketing support, Press and Infos around Re- and Upsycling (Cibutex)

Are you looking for special solutions around the topic of re- and upcycling or do you need marketing support for product communication? You can find more information here.

Act on Corporate Due Diligence to Prevent Human Rights Violations in Supply Chains

Our holistic view of sustainability: from our values to certifications to the challenges in the textile supply chain. Here you will find practical information on the current supply chain law, the SDGs and much more ...

Press releases and News from Dibella. Grab a coffee and read the latest news

Our press releases for you to read. In addition to current Dibella topics, you will also find news about the work of the GoodTextiles Foundation, among other things.


Achieving more together. Dibella has the best possible network and can therefore drive sustainable issues that are driving the industry forward even more effectively.

We offer you comprehensive services - far beyond selling flat linen

At Dibella, we make it our business to develop perfect solutions for the special challenges in textile service. In the search for the best concepts, we analyse all processes that serve the quality, use and sustainability of our textiles and lead to optimal handling in laundry operations.

Dibella Clean&Lean concept - from Raw material, to further processing, to textile service, to Hotel and Healthcare and to upcycling.

To make it as easy as possible for you, we give everything!

We have summarized our services for you in the Clean&Lean concept.

Our raw material

Raw material

  • Sustainable, high-quality cotton optimally adapted to the products for long-life textiles
  • Compliance with, and over-fulfilment of, criteria required by legislation through various certifications at all fibre levels

further processing

Further processing

  • Clean textiles in brilliant, long-lasting white, boil and chlorine-resistant fibres
  • Stable, consistent quality
  • Long-term availability of all articles
  • Three ready-made models with modular logistics and price solution:
    • individually customised products with immediate production in Europe in all desired sizes and designs, with different seam colours, labels or transponder systemsb)
    • lean logistics system with en-bloc production and storage of goods at Dibella until called off
    • direct container system with production of large batches and delivery of the containers to customers

Textile service

Textile service

  • Modular pricing and logistics solutions for customer-specific order quantities
  • Short delivery times, as our standard range is kept in stock in Germany
  • Our own highly qualified specialist department to advise and support our customers with textile and process engineering problems 

What we do for Hotels and Healthcare

Hotel + healthcare

  • Provision of samples and sample books 
  • Technical support by our experts at customer appointments 
  • Product-specific, personalisable marketing instruments 
  • Organising individual means of communication 
  • Participation in sustainability initiatives and projects 

participate in our upcycling projects


  • Participation in our upcycling projects such as making giveaway shoe bags from used bed sheets 
  • Exchanging experience and support in the handling of company-owned projects by sharing our logistical capabilities
  • Contact mediation to upcycling partners

We like to work with Dibella, ...

Logo Fliegel Textilservice

“... because the laundry working day is tightly synchronised. This hectic pace is sometimes also felt by our suppliers. Yet, this never bothers the team at Dibella.  All the company’s employees are invariably friendly and courteous and never fail to give their best.”

Ragna Werler, authorised signatory, account management, purchase

Fliegel GmbH & Co. KG Textilservice

Fliegel Textilservice - Laundry and textile service for hotel textiles and heathcare textiles

Logo Greif Textile Mietsysteme

“ ... because speed is what counts in our industry. If, for example, the textiles required for a newly built hotel are ordered only shortly before the opening date, we do not have much time to procure the necessary articles. What we have in Dibella is a reliable partner who delivers our textiles quickly and on the agreed date. And who, if need be, makes the impossible possible.”

Sven Schulze-Siebert,
Strategic Buyer, Head of Product management

Greif Textile Mietsysteme in Augsburg

Greif Textile -Laundry and textile service for hotel textiles and heathcare textiles

Logo Greif Textile Mietsysteme

"... because sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the healthcare sector. Even though the bed linen market in the care sector is extremely price-fixated, we have decided to expand our range of sustainable bed linen. In addition to a new colorful design, this also has the "Green Button." Together with Dibella, we are thus offering sustainable socially and ecologically produced bed linen to the growth market of elderly care. Good for people & for the environment."


says Rolf Müller-Arndt, Head of Association Work, CWS Healthcare.

CWS Healthcare - We use sustainable bed linen with the Green Button

Hotel Rogner Bad Blumau

“ ... because a good night’s sleep is essential, making a significant contribution to the recreational value of a holiday. And after guests wake up on the next morning, the bed linen should still be as fresh and as free of wrinkles as possible. Our bed linen featuring organic Fairtrade cotton from Dibella and Salesianer Miettex meets all these criteria with respect to appearance, cotton quality and durability. It is an innovative product that offers added value for our guests and everyone involved along the entire value chain."

Patricia Perl, housekeeping manager at Rogner Bad Blumau

Hotel Rogner Bad Blumau - Our bed linen featuring organic Fairtrade cotton from Dibella and Salesianer Miettex

Hotel Rogner Bad Blumau

" ... because a close cooperation with our suppliers is essential for a successful sustainability strategy.

Dibella is a loyal and honest partner. They supply high quality products and do a lot in terms of sustainability.

The Blycolin and Dibella DNA matches very well". 

Nicolet Keetelaar, Corporate Procurement Manager at Blycolin

Hotel Rogner Bad Blumau - Our bed linen featuring organic Fairtrade cotton from Dibella and Salesianer Miettex

Dibella - that's us

Each employee is an expert in his or her area of specialisation. And together we just make a great team.

Dibella Team

We are always here for you!

Dibella and Dibella products are certified ... (For the product-specific assignment, please refer to the product descriptions.)

GOTS - Global organic textile standard
Organic blended content standard
Fairtrad Max Havelaar Cotton
Cotton made in Africa
An initiative of the Aid by Trade Foundation

Green Button
OEKO-Tex Standard 100
OEKO-TEX Confidence in textiles - made in green
Tencel - feels so right

We supply products
with the EU-Ecolabel

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
Dibella - longlife textiles

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