Fundraising project for the further education of primary school students

Well-equipped kindergartens and schools are a given in our social systems. Not so in India. This is often what is most needed to make learning and playing more enjoyable for children. With money from our GHG bonus and the GoodTextiles Foundation, the PUPS Naranikuppam primary school in Veppanahalli has now received an appropriate facility.

A large proportion of our durable textiles are produced in the Tamil Nadu region. One of our clothing companies is also located there, which mainly employs single women. You can send your children to the school, which is located right next to the company. After the GoodTextiles Foundation has repeatedly committed itself to better equipping school and sanitary rooms in the region, another project has now been implemented with donations: The foundation was able to fulfill the wish list of the headmaster of the PUPS Naranikuppam primary school in Veppanahalli in the Krishanagiri district, which was: Want to improve the educational opportunities of students.

The school building was built in 2002 and has four classrooms in which students from first to fifth grade are taught. There is also a teacher's room and two other rooms for non-teaching activities. The children receive a school meal. There is also electricity in the building, a drinking water connection and separate toilets. But although the school is quite comfortably equipped by Indian standards, numerous measures could improve the children's situation. The GoodTextiles Foundation has now stepped in and provided EUR 4,000 for expansion measures. Part of the money – namely EUR 1,425 – comes from our greenhouse gas reduction bonus (GHG bonus). We received this from the state in 2022 through the purchase of electric vehicles and the associated reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The remaining amount of EUR 2,475 comes from donations from the foundation.


The school management used the money to purchase numerous new books, shelves to store them and reading opportunities for the students. A smart classroom has also been created so that the children do not miss the connection to the digital world. This received a communication unit consisting of a television and a 43 inch screen. Given the climatic conditions in the Tamil Nadu region, this room had to be made additionally “corrosion-proof” to protect the equipment. The floor was tiled, the walls were painted, window panes and a glass door were installed and air conditioning was installed. The project was completed at the end of November 2023. The joy of the headmaster, teachers and students at the official inauguration has once again proven to us that the donations from GoodTextiles are also being excellently invested in the PUPS Naranikuppam primary school.

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