Dibella Longlife Textiles - Bedding and Terry for Hotels and Heathcare

Our corporate culture

Values and standards

  • We create a corporate identity based on defined standards and values.
  • We prepare a sustainability report as a monitoring and control instrument.
  • We improve interaction with our various stakeholders and involve them in our activities.
  • We support social and local projects to remedy grievances in the producing countries.  

Sustainable action/work, operations

  • We optimize our internal processes on the basis of ISO 14001.
  • We reduce the environmental impact within our organisation, e.g. by using sustainable office materials such as paper and energy saving lamps and installing solar panels.
  • We are converting our fleet to low-consumption vehicles and promoting carpooling opportunities.
  • We use the most sustainable means of transport for business travel and offset our carbon emissions. 

Sustainability communication

  • We promote the internal communication of sustainability issues


  • We promote open, trusting and respectful communications as well as a viable family/work balance
  • We raise our employees’ awareness of sustainability and encourage them to participate in events and discussions on the subject of sustainability.
  • We aim to introduce a “sustainability guide” to assist our employees. 

Corporate organisation

  • We entrench the topic of sustainability in our corporate structure and define clear responsibilities. 
  • We are committed to the safety and health of our employees in their working and living environment. For a safe, healthy and competitive working environment, we follow our guiding principle of occupational safety and health.

Business model

  • We are aligning our sales channels and corporate form to meet the needs of sustainability.  


  • Corruption harms all economic operators worldwide.
  • We strictly reject corruption and favoritism in all its forms.
  • We have documented our definition of fair business practices in our anti-corruption business principles.

Dibella and Dibella products are certified ... (For the product-specific assignment, please refer to the product descriptions.)

GOTS - Global organic textile standard
Organic blended content standard
Fairtrad Max Havelaar Cotton
Cotton made in Africa

An initiative of the Aid by Trade Foundation

Green Button
OEKO-Tex Standard 100
OEKO-TEX Confidence in textiles - made in green
Tencel - feels so right

We supply products
with the EU-Ecolabel

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
Dibella - longlife textiles

Dibella BV

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