Dibella's holistic model - product

Sustainable product development

Human toxicology - We ensure human toxicological safety 

Design – We develop products that last as long as possible and make the best possible use of materials to avoid production waste 

Material – We aim to increase the proportion of sustainably produced cotton according to defined criteria:

  • Handpicked
  • Rainfed
  • GMO-free
  • Sourcing from „social business“
  • Dispense with conventional polyester.

Quality and fit - We offer durable products and constantly optimise their quality by means of constructive complaint management 

Easy care - We support our customers in caring for our textiles by providing washing and care instructions established with our quality management system. This saves resources, minimises the environmental impact and ensures that the textiles have a longer shelf life.  

Recyclability - We strive to develop recyclable articles that offer value for money - We convey the value of our articles by setting an appropriate price. 

Packaging - We avoid unnecessary packaging and substitute packaging materials for recycled materials or materials of a more sustainable origin 

Logistics - We use the most environmentally friendly transport routes and vehicles. We thus categorically rule out air freight in order to minimise our carbon footprint. 

Sustainable production

Supply chain management – We ensure transparency by disclosing our supply chain. We have a clear supplier portfolio with long-term relationships and work exclusively with suppliers who meet our sustainability requirements. We help our suppliers to extend their knowledge by offering training courses. We constantly optimise our quality management. We reduce the environmental impact during transportation.

LCO – We ensure human-toxicological and environmental safety by means of optimised chemical and wastewater management. We also reduce our carbon footprint in production.

Closed Loop - We aim to work with customers to set up take-back systems.

Value-based site development - We support local suppliers outside the textile value chain. We promote traditional techniques and local biodiversity on the part of our textile suppliers. We exclude certain countries and regions to ensure the observance of human rights.

Working conditions

Implementation of the Code of Conduct – We contribute to the improvement of working conditions at production facilities and establish a continuous improvement process.

Fair trade relations

Subsidies to farmers – We contribute to the livelihood of cotton farmers by offering fair wages.

Customer - We increase our transparency right down to the customer.

Multi-stakeholder relationship in country of origin - We improve our interaction with identified stakeholder groups.

GOTS - Global organic textile standard
Organic blended content standard

We carry products with the EU Ecolabel

Fairtrad Max Havelaar Cotton
Cotton made in Africa
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OEKO-Tex Standard 100
OEKO-TEX Confidence in textiles - made in green
Fairtrade cotton program
Tencel - feels so right
Dibella - longlife textiles

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