GRS/RCS Certification at Dibella

With our contract textiles made from recycled fibres, you should be able to rely on the fact that what‘s inside is what‘s claimed. That‘s why we are certified according to the Recycle Claim Standard (RCS).

Reusing ressouces

With our contract textiles made from recycled fibres, you should be able to rely on the fact that what's inside is what's on the outside. That is why we are certified according to the Recycle Claim Standard (RCS). As a company that is fundamentally very sustainably oriented, we try to close the loop bit by bit in everything we do. The topic of "recycled polyester" has been on our minds for quite some time now. We have now reliably mastered the great challenge of the past, that recycled polyester is likely to turn unacceptably grey, and now offer all our articles with recycled polyester content. Some bestsellers are already available from stock.

Playing it safe

More sustainable, on the other hand, are polyester fibres made from recycled resources such as plastic bottles, films or production residues. They are collected, processed and made into recycled fibres instead of ending up as waste in nature - as is common in countries without a functioning disposal system. We find this concept of reuse convincing. However, there is one point of criticism: the source of the resources labelled as recycled material often remains in the dark. This is not acceptable to us. That is why we have opted for a system that enables the traceability of the supply chains and ensures that recycled polyester really contains what it says on the label. We found the best possible solution in the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) or the Recycled Content Standard (RCS) of the globally recognised organisation Textile Exchange (TE). In mid-February 2022, we completed the certification and are now registered with TE as a certified supplier with the SC number 1124097.

GRS: Traceable recycling content

The GRS is a voluntary product standard that reliably verifies the recycled content used in the fibre. Similar to GOTS, it tracks the entire flow of goods through which the recycled plastics pass. For the highest possible transparency in the supply chain and reliable information in the product, we have therefore had ourselves certified according to GRS. For this, we had to prove various guidelines on environmental management and social responsibility in the company in order to minimise negative factors on ecology and people. In addition, we have made a commitment to TE to continuously increase the percentage of recycled material in our textile products. Our progress is outlined in an annual report.


Our GRS-labelled contract textiles have a minimum content of 50 per cent recycled polyester and can contain up to 100 per cent of residual materials. Differences can be made up with conventional material of the same fibre type.

RCS: Quantity control of the recycled content

Some of our qualities are labelled with the RCS. Based on verification of information and the chain of custody, the standard ensures that a final product contains the exact amount of the specified recycled material. Unlike the GRS, however, it does not require proof of corporate social responsibility for the time being. Products labelled with "RCS blended" must have a minimum content of 5 percent recycled material. The maximum content is 95 per cent. If, on the other hand, the product bears the RCS 100, between 95 and 100 per cent residual materials have been processed into a fibre.

Dibella and Dibella products are certified ... (For the product-specific assignment, please refer to the product descriptions.)

GOTS - Global organic textile standard
Organic blended content standard
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