Leading textile companies initiate partnership to enable circular textile flows

Aalten, Oct. 13th, 2020: Leading suppliers of hotel textiles in Europe, the Danish company Beirholms Væverier and the German/Dutch company Dibella, begin circular collaboration with Swedish Reused Remade, known for its climate-smart textile bags made of reused hotel bedlinen. Together, they will extend the life cycle of hotel textiles and contribute to the circular economy by upcycling discarded textiles from laundries turning them into new textile bags for the retail market.

In Europe, millions of tons of hotel bed linen are discarded each year and can no longer be used in the hotel’s operations due to wear and tear. Thanks to Reused Remade's patent-pending method of up-cycling hotel bed linen into climate-smart textile bags, enormous amounts of natural resources are saved. Because the textiles are reused, as opposed to being downcycled, as is usually the case today, this partnership offers a climate-friendly alternative to today’s disposal of discarded textiles.

By 2025, all EU member states will have introduced an extended producer responsibility for textiles (EPR for textiles).

This will place demands on the industries concerned to jointly find smart solutions and contribute to the transition to a circular economy. Beirholm and Dibella both have a strong focus on sustainability and are constantly looking for new and smart solutions for their customers' discarded textiles. The purpose of this partnership is to enable more laundries in Europe to join Reused Remade's circular solution with climate - smart textile bags made of reused hotel bed linen.

With an impressive growth journey since its inception in 2016, Reused Remade’s climate-smart textile bags for everyday use can now be found at prominent Nordic and European retailers such as Edeka, Clas Ohlson, Ica, and Systembolaget.


The goal for 2021 is to collect 300 tones of hotel bed linen in order to meet our customers demand. It feels fantastic to be able to collaborate with Beirholm and Dibella, whose values about sustainability we share. We see that together we can make a big difference to our environment, our climate and our common future, say Pia Walter and Josephine Alhanko, founders of Reused Remade.

Josephine Alhanko and Pia Walter from Reused Remake...
Josephine Alhanko and Pia Walter from Reused Remake...

At Beirholm, we offer our customers a fully integrated sustainable textile solution – from our preferred fiber mix options and our portfolio of sustainable manufacturers to the performance technologies that we develop and integrate into our products to reduce laundry energy consumption. With this partnership, we can now offer our laundry partners – those that want to drive the sustainable agenda forward - an option to go fully circular. We are excited to support our industry, an industry that is sustainable in nature, to close the loop as we, together, approach circularity, say Andreas Beirholm, Business Development Manager at Beirholm.

Andreas Beirholm from Beirholms Væverier
Andreas Beirholm from Beirholms Væverier

It has long been Dibella's vision to eradicate textile waste and to contribute to a world where resources are kept in constant circulation. This is a goal we work intensively on with our partners, whether it is in the development of textiles with the necessary properties or in enabling the recycling of all textile components. As the development of these processes still requires some research work, we consider ourselves more than happy to be able to offer our customers an up and running, Europe-wide solution for the take-back of used textiles in cooperation with Reused Remade and Beirholm. The entire industry will benefit from this solution. We are very pleased about a lively participation, say Ralf Hellmann, Managing director at Dibella.

and Ralf Hellmann from Dibella are happy to start their partnership to enable circular textile flows.
and Ralf Hellmann from Dibella are happy to start their partnership to enable circular textile flows. ©Beirholms Væverier/Reused Remade/Dibella

About Dibella

Dibella is a competent partner for the textiles rental service for long-lasting textiles used in the hotel industry, catering trade and in the healthcare. The service-oriented company has been supplying the branch since 1986 with exclusive, appropriate goods. Thanks to solid growth, Dibella today is represented in the most important markets in Europe over international offices.

Dibella has been engaged for years now in sustainably production to protect people and the environment. Membership of numerous organisations is an expression of this engagement.

About Beirholm

Beirholm engineers high performance textiles, create trendy designs, and leverage our sustainable sourcing platform to bring you - our laundry partners, hotel, restaurant, care home, and hospital customers – an optimal linen solution that fit your context. We call this partnership model "Context Engineered Textiles". Together with likeminded partners, we achieve new heights.

About Reused Remade

Reused Remade is a Swedish company founded in 2016 by Pia Walter and Josephine Alhanko. The innovative company has a patent-pending global solution for taking care of discarded hotel bed linen and up-cycle them into durable, washable, multi-functional carrier bags. Reused Remade positively contributes to Agenda 2030 and four of the UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals by increasing resource efficiency by extending the life cycle of existing textiles. Compared to a plastic or cotton bag, a Reused Remade bag results in far less greenhouse gas emissions and vastly reduces the amount of land and water needed for production.

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