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News / Download · 13. October 2020
Aalten, Oct. 13th, 2020: Leading suppliers of hotel textiles in Europe, the Danish company Beirholms Væverier and the German/Dutch company Dibella, begin circular collaboration with Swedish Reused Remade, known for its climate-smart textile bags made of reused hotel bedlinen. Together, they will extend the life cycle of hotel textiles and contribute to the circular economy by upcycling discarded textiles from laundries turning them into new textile bags for the retail market.
News / Download · 27. August 2020
Dibella takes the customer back to the origins of the textiles: At harvest time to the cotton fields in India, to the spinning mills, weaving mills and the ready-made garment factories. Last year in November a team from ZDF accompanied us for a report to the program Plan B.

News / Download · 26. August 2020
Bocholt, August 2020: Dibella's commitment to sustainability enters the next phase with "Dibella up": The company takes back textiles sorted out by customers and recycles the raw materials bound in them using a unique closed-loop concept. This takes into account the company's various product qualities with adequate processes and thus for the first time offers an adequate solution for the endless use of precious resources.
News / Download · 18. May 2020
Bocholt, May 2020: Dibella has once again received an award from the non-profit organisation Textile Exchange in recognition of its strong commitment to sustainably produced raw fibres. Internationally, the company has been ranked third in the use of fair trade organic cotton for the second time in a row.

News / Download · 03. April 2020
Bocholt, April 3rd, 2020: The Bocholt-based textile company Dibella pursues a comprehensive sustainable approach. In addition to numerous projects that the company is carrying out in the countries of origin to improve social standards and environmental conditions, there is now a very special commitment to more biodiversity in the local environment. In cooperation with the city administration of Bocholt and a local farmer, Dibella is planting a flower meadow of a special kind.
News / Download · 29. January 2020
Dibella has been nominated as one of 25 companies for the prestigious CSR Prize awarded by the German federal government and has made it into the pre-selection in the special prize category “Responsible Supply Chain Management”. Each year, the German government awards its CSR Prize to companies that integrate sustainable action into their business activities in an exemplary manner.

News / Download · 22. January 2020
Worn Again Technologies, the pioneering polymer recycling technology firm, today announces the launch of its pilot R&D facility as a major step forward in its development process. The facility is located at CPI, a technology and innovation centre in Redcar, England. Worn Again Technologies is a leader in the use of science to recapture raw materials from non-reusable products with a vision to eliminate waste and replace the use of virgin resources.
News / Download · 13. January 2020
Aalten, January 2020: Dibella has launched the unique pilot project “Clean and Green Village” in India. It is committed to waste recycling concepts and clean nature in the organic cotton growing areas. The initiative carried out via the GoodTextiles Foundation is open to companies wishing to become involved in environmental education in India’s rural areas.

News / Download · 01. October 2019
Dibella is implementing its own transparency initiative aimed at reaching back to the beginning of its supply chain. The company has published one of the world’s first impact studies detailing the living and working conditions of organic Fairtrade cotton farmers in India. It reports on the improvements made to the impact that the fibre quantities purchased by Dibella has on core aspects of the lives of the Fairtrade organic farmers working for the company.
News / Download · 19. July 2019
With its range of hotel linen made from GOTS and Fairtrade certified organic cotton, Dibella is committed to the ecologically and socially responsible development of textile production in cotton-growing countries. In addition, the company is directly supporting farmers in India.

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